The New Mexico Internet Exchange project was formed to establish a point of presence (POP) for the exchange of local Internet traffic between various organizations throughout New Mexico.  Currently, the NMIX is in the formation and test phase with connections to several organizations well under way. 

Background Information

Most Internet traffic being generated in New Mexico has to traverse a National Access Point (NAP) or other exchange point, usually on the east or west coast.  Currently, most NAPs and other exchange points where National Service Provider (NSP) traffic is exchanged are far away and heavily congested. 
It is estimated that approximately 20% to 40% of all Internet traffic generated from within New  Mexico is to another New Mexico site (based on information provided from a variety of local Internet Service Providers (ISP's) in informal conversations and E-mail). 
Internet traffic in New Mexico from a customer of one local ISP to a customer of another local ISP or to another local organization frequently has to go to the east or west coast if both local organizations do not have their Internet access from the same National Service Provider (NSP).  Currently, most National Access Points (NAPs) and other interchange points (e.g., MAE-West, MAE-East, FIX-E, FIX-W, and private NAPs) where NSP traffic is exchanged are very heavily congested.  Tracing the routes will show delays, packet loss, and time outs occur most often at these places. 


Organizations who participate in the NMIX and are directly connected to the NMIX are automatically given membership in the NMIX organization. All members have a vote in how the service is to be provided and how participation is to be handled.  All participants will need to sign a Letter of Agreement specifying what they will provide and what they will receive. 
During the preliminary organization and test phase (phase one) of the NMIX (currently under way) membership is open to any organization who is interested in participating directly in the NMIX.  After phase one is complete, then membership will be restricted to those organizations who are directly connected and participating. 
The current phase, phase one, is expected to last until August 1998. 

NMIX Board

There is no official Board for the NMIX currently Tom Beeson, Phil Wood, and Mark Costlow are putting together the engineering of the exchange point. 
Please submit all questions and comments to info@nmix.net